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Jun 14

Background Screening Myths Explained: Myth 1 - Identity Verification

While we have written many articles on our blog geared toward the background screening industry best practices, compliance, and even something on “holiday baking," I find myself increasingly reading
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Mar 11

When A Background Check Finds The "Wrong Man"

As a consumer who has also worked in the background check industry for 14 years, I cringe on behalf of job applicants when I read stories about employment background checks that find the "wrong
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Jan 07

Avoid Buyer's Remorse - Read the Background Check API Fine Print

If you are reading this, you officially survived another holiday season. Congratulations! We hope amongst the hustle, bustle, wrapping and gatherings, your holidays were filled with laughter and good
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Dec 17

When Using a Background Check API, the Right Ingredients are Essential

The holiday season is officially upon us, which means it is time to get creative with your annual holiday baking. You know the drill; you see that fantastic recipe on Food Network or Pinterest, and
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