Potential DHS Shutdown and Its Impact on E-Verify Services

Posted by: Joshua Flexen February 27, 2015

The possibility of impending funding gaps will mean furloughs for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the respective shutdown of the E-Verify system, effective Friday, February 27, 2015 at midnight.  

How does a potential DHS shutdown impact employers’ hiring practices and I-9 obligations? 
Employers are still required to comply with all Form I-9 requirements, in accordance with The Handbook for Employers (M-274).  Employers’ Form I-9 obligations are unchanged, and a furlough does not disrupt or affect the processing of Forms I-9 in the Accurate I-9 system. 
What should employers do about completing E-Verify cases during a potential shutdown? 
Employers will not be able to create E-Verify cases during the DHS furlough.  However, all Form I-9 records created during this time will be saved on your Dashboard and available for E-Verify processing once the government system is operational. 
Once the E-Verify system is reinstated, the bulk processing feature will enable users to simultaneously submit multiple E-Verify cases. This feature helps facilitate the quick and efficient completion of open E-Verify cases, without burdening employers. To do so, simply visit your Dashboard and click the 'Queries Awaiting E-Verify Processing' link under the 'Unprocessed E-Verify Queries’ section.  You may either submit individual forms, or submit multiple forms by using the Bulk Process feature.  Once submitted, cases will appear in the ‘Incomplete E-Verify Cases’ section.  Additionally, any ‘Employment Authorized’ cases may be closed in bulk.
Note: Employers are reminded to continue completing Forms I-9 during the DHS furlough.  Employers may then submit any unprocessed E-Verify cases once the government system is working. 
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Posted by Joshua Flexen

Josh has worked in marketing within the background screening industry at Accurate Background for over four years. He has been focused on bringing awareness to relevant background screening topics for human resource professionals through educational content and highlighting impactful solutions within the background screening landscape.