Social Media and Social Responsibility – It Just Makes “Cents”

Posted by: Accurate Background May 25, 2014

Accurate Background believes in engaging our communities and enriching the lives of others to promote a legacy that empowers our employees and inspires the next generation.

Recently, we partnered with Centscere to use our social media interactions to help make a difference in the world. Every tweet we post on our private and public Twitter accounts means a donation will be made to Hire Heroes USA.

Accurate Background, a leader in educating companies on federal, state and global background screening laws and regulations, uses social media regularly to distribute compliance updates along with best practices, industry trends and news that may affect a company’s background screening policies and processes.

“We wanted to find a way to use our everyday social media posts to not only help our clients, but help a deserving cause,” says Dave Dickerson, President and CEO of Accurate Background. “We found that through Centscere.”

Centscere, co-founded by Ian Dickerson, son of Accurate Background CEO Dave Dickerson, started the company with a mission to repurpose his jar of pocket change. The company offers an opportunity for individuals and companies to use their social media activity to regularly donate funds to charities. Companies and individuals select a participating charity and set a donation amount that works for them. For every like or post on Facebook or tweet on Twitter, Centscere will track your contributions and collect payment. Donation information can be tracked or changed through their website on demand.

Hire Heroes USA is dedicated to creating job opportunities for US military veterans and their spouses through personalized employment training and corporate engagement.

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