Should Employers Use Credit Scores In Hiring Decisions?

Posted by: Joshua Flexen September 8, 2014

A New York bill introduced in April aims to “prohibit discrimination based on one’s consumer credit history” by preventing employers from checking a job applicant’s credit score. The legislation has the support of 38 co-sponsors. Laurelton Democrat Donovan Richards said, “Credit history gives no indication of a person’s ability to work. When we no longer allow companies to check the credit history of applicants, we greatly aid millions of people rebuilding their credit, especially recent graduates who needed loans.” Supporters of the bill say that if the legislation is passed, the economy will improve because more people will have jobs without being turned down because of their credit. Supporters believe the bill will give job candidates with poor credit the ability to contribute to the economy. Individuals opposed to the bill think the possible negative impact of this bill is that companies will be put at risk due to limiting employers’ eligibility standards. Criminal information may be included in these types of checks and it might be risky for employers if they do not have access to the information. A City Council hearing is scheduled for 10 a.m. on September 12th regarding the bill.

Read the full article on Queens Chronicle.

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